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Whether you’re an avid motorcyclist or are just beginning to learn to ride, you know the thrills associated with riding a motorcycle. The vehicles offer certain freedoms that cannot be attained with a passenger vehicle. Along with that freedom, however, comes unique dangers. While many riders are aware of the dangers associated with riding, other drivers may not be as cognizant. If you’ve been in a crash because of someone else’s negligence, our Jackson motorcycle accident lawyers are here for you.

While all collisions can be traumatic, motorcycle wrecks are often debilitating or deadly. We’re here to provide victims of those wrecks with the legal representation they need to recover from what they’ve been through. Dealing with insurance companies and claims can be overwhelming, especially when physical and mental trauma are present. We can help you handle the legal side of your accident so you can focus on getting your life back in order.

Dangers Associated With Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycles, by design, are inherently more dangerous than passenger vehicles or larger trucks. Because of this, there are problems that only motorcyclists have to deal with. No matter what you drive, it’s important to be aware of these unique dangers because awareness can aid in the prevention of devastating crashes. Let’s take a look at the most common dangers:

  • Riding Skills. A motorcycle requires more skill and coordination than a four-wheeled vehicle. Because of the increased physical demand, many accidents are caused by a rider’s lack of basic riding skills or failure to recognize the limitations of a bike.
  • Road Hazards. While potholes, uneven pavement, puddles, railroad tracks, and debris may only be a minor irritation for cars, these hazards can spell disaster for a motorcyclist.
  • Visual Recognition. Other drivers are not always aware of motorcycles around them. They may also be obscured by other vehicles, weather conditions, or foliage. This is why the majority of collisions occur at intersections.
  • Manufacturing Defects. While all vehicles face the risk of manufacturing defects, a minor misalignment can cause the front of a bike to become very unstable and begin to shake or wobble while traveling at higher speeds.

Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in Jackson

Just as with how understanding the unique dangers motorcyclists face can benefit travelers, so can understanding the common factors related to crashes. These causes, when driving responsibly, are completely avoidable. If your accident was caused by any of the following, there may be grounds for legal action:

  • Unsafe Lane Changes. When a driver neglects to check their blind spots or fails to signal their intent to change lanes they could strike an unsuspecting motorcyclist.
  • Drunk Driving. A common factor in many bike wrecks is alcohol. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Traffic Safety Facts, 33 percent of fatal accidents involved riders who had alcohol in their systems in Mississippi in 2016.
  • Sudden Stops. Rear-end accidents, which happen when a vehicle is following another too closely and an abrupt stop occurs, can be deadly for bike riders because they can be thrown from their vehicle.
  • Left Turn Accidents. Right-of-way errors, especially while turning let, are common causes of motorcycle wrecks.
  • Lane Splitting. Lane splitting is a dangerous driving behavior where a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of traffic. This practice is illegal and can quickly lead to a collision.

Examples of Common Bike Wreck Injuries

There are a number of serious injuries a person could face after a motorcycle crash. Many of them require a significant number of treatments or surgeries. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may be dealing with any one of the following:

While injuries aren’t always preventable in the event of a collision, the severity can be lessened when riders wear the proper safety gear and a helmet. Unfortunately, some accidents result in death. If you’ve wrongfully lost a loved one in a bike wreck, our attorneys can help you.

Mississippi’s Motorcycle Laws

Before operating a motorcycle, it’s important to understand Mississippi’s laws. Recognizing and following these laws can significantly reduce the instances of crashes.

  • You must be licensed to operate a motorcycle. In order to operate a motorcycle in Mississippi, you’ll need to obtain a license that includes a motorcycle endorsement. To do this, you must hold a valid driver’s license. The next step is to get a temporary permit. After testing and bike inspection, a person may be eligible for a four or eight-year endorsement.
  • The bike must meet state standards. Every motorcycle must have at least one hand or foot brake and at least one headlamp. Riders must also have a helmet that complies with the NHTSA’s standards.
  • All safety guidelines must be followed. Mississippi takes motorcycle safety seriously. Riders are required to know and follow all the guidelines and rules in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Motorcycle Operator Manual.

Reach Out to a Jackson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

At Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, we understand how traumatic a motorcycle accident can be, which is why we’re prepared to guide you through the complex legal process. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, it can be difficult to determine liability. We have the knowledge and resources to investigate what happened, determine who the liable party is, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Bike wrecks can result in extensive medical bills and lengthy spans away from work. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Jackson can help you obtain compensation for those hospital expenses and lost wages. We can also look into recovering monetary awards for property damage, pain and suffering, and more. For more information on how to proceed after your accident, get in touch with our office.


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