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Big rigs travel up and down the road every day, transporting goods all across Jackson. MS. While most of them reach their destination without any issues, there are occasions when these massive vehicles collide with other cars on the road.

These accidents tend to cause substantial injuries and damage due to the size and weight of the truck. Anyone at the other end of the crash could be left with life-altering impairments and even, in some cases, fatal injuries.

Truck drivers and their employers must act under strict guidelines. When they ignore safety precautions or engage in reckless behavior, it can all lead to catastrophic results. The worst part of these incidents is that an innocent victim has their life completely changed due to the negligence and recklessness of another individual.

However, there is hope. You have legal options if you have been involved in this type of incident with a large commercial vehicle.

Recovering from these injuries and medical bills is often a long road for the victims and their families. We understand your focus should be on recovery rather than negotiating with insurance companies or handling legal matters.

We have a team of legal professionals ready to work on your case. With assistance from a Jackson truck accident lawyer, we can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve from those responsible for your injuries and other losses.

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Tractor-Trailer Wrecks in Mississippi

According to recent data, there were 1,835 trucking accidents through Mississippi, with 704 injuries and, unfortunately, 49 fatalities. These truck accidents are an unfortunate part of life in Jackson, MS.

Over the years, our law firm has assisted clients who have been involved in a variety of accidents, such as:

  • Jackknife accidents
  • Underride accidents
  • Head-on crashes
  • Blind spot accidents
  • Rollover accidents
  • Rear-end accidents

Often, these accidents are the result of several factors. At Pittman Roberts & Welsh, PLLC, our attorneys can help you determine the cause of the accident and the liable parties for your losses.

What Is the Number One Cause of Semi-Truck Collisions in Jackson?

There could be one or multiple reasons for an accident with a truck. However, most of the time, these incidents are caused by human error. Some of the top reasons include:

  • Distraction
  • Speed
  • Fatigue

While there are rules in place to keep everyone on the road safe, not everyone abides by them. For example, some trucking companies require drivers to work a heavy schedule, often to determine their safety and health.

In the United States, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates the hours of service. With these laws, truck drivers are only allowed to drive for a maximum of 11 hours, with 10 hours set as off-time or rest time. Along with that, all truck drivers must take a 30-minute break after driving for a period of 8 hours without a rest period.

Drivers who do not follow these regulations risk becoming fatigued, which can affect their ability to handle a big rig on the road. A tired driver will have slower reflexes and reduced awareness, which can increase the likelihood of crashes with other vehicles.

Unfortunately, that is only one reason for a catastrophic truck accident in Jackson.

Distracted Driving

Distracted drivers are the number one cause of accidents in the United States. Drivers can become distracted by their personal or work phones, in-cab devices, or even the radio. Just taking their eyes off the road for one second can lead to a devastating accident.


Another cause of an accident is speed. When drivers are behind on their delivery schedule, they may speed to catch up on time. Unfortunately, a speeding truck can cause serious injuries and damage. Due to the vehicle’s weight, stopping before crashing into another vehicle can be difficult.

Bad Weather

Jackson does see its share of bad weather, from torrential downpours to freezing ice. Weather conditions can impact vehicle handling on the road, especially for a large truck. Slippery surfaces or a gust of wind can cause the driver to lose control and collide with other vehicles.

Improper Loading

All trucks must be loaded correctly. If not, the bulk of the load can affect how the vehicle maneuvers on the road. Sometimes, improperly loaded cargo will shift during a turn or move around after a sudden stop, leading to rollovers or jackknifing.

Mechanical Failures

Like cars, trucks, and SUVs, big rig drivers need to maintain the safety of their vehicles. Unfortunately, without the proper maintenance, or if there is a faulty part, it can lead to tire blowouts, brake malfunctions, or other problems. If the accident was caused by negligence of the manufacturer or even a mechanic, they could be held liable for any injuries, damages, and other losses stemming from the accident.

Who Is Liable in a Jackson Trucking Accident?

Deterring liability in any type of accident is complex, but trucking accidents require a full analysis of several factors. In any case, the reckless and negligent parties must be identified. Whether through intentional action or omission, their negligence led to an accident. In many cases, liable parties may include:

The Driver

Generally, the first person assigned blame for an accident is the operator of the vacuole. Often, these individuals drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or even prescription medication. They may even take the road while fatigued or fail to abide by the traffic laws. All that can result in devastating accidents.

The Driver’s Employer

Along with that, the trucking company can also be accountable for the actions of their employees. While most companies properly train their drivers, others will allow inexperienced individuals to operate a vehicle. Also, these companies might not perform background checks on their employees, resulting in dangerous drivers getting behind the wheel.

The Truck Manufacturer

Mechanical faults can account for trucking accidents in Jackson. If a defective part was used on the vehicle, and it failed, then the manufacturers could be liable for any damages from the accident. Sometimes, these companies will recall a vehicle, but other times, they may ignore the problem until a catastrophic event occurs.

Government Entities

In cases where a poorly maintained road or poor signage has led to an accident, then a governmental entity can be responsible for the accident. These parties are responsible for keeping roads in proper condition. They can be liable for the accident if they fail to do this.

At Pittman Roberts & Welsh, PLLC, we will help determine the negligent party in your accident. Remember that personal injury cases center around four key elements:

  • The driver had a duty of care to keep others safe on the road.
  • That individual breached their care of duty.
  • The breach caused damages.
  • The victim suffered quantifiable injuries, damages, or losses from the accident.

Once you have established these elements, you can start the process of seeking compensation in your case.

What Can I Recover in a Tractor-Trailer Crash Lawsuit?

Following an accident, you may be able to seek several types of compensation, such as:

Economic Damages

These quantifiable financial losses were incurred as a result of the accident. They can include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and other treatment costs
  • Lost wages or future earnings

Non-Economic Damages

These are less tangible losses that don’t have a direct monetary value. However, they impact your life. These damages can include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Losses of companionship or consortium negatively affect relationships with a spouse, children, or other family members.

In the unfortunate event that there’s a fatality, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed. This type of lawsuit seeks to compensate for the final expenses of the deceased, such as:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of financial support
  • Loss of companionship

Not every case will qualify for these damages. If you would like to learn more about your case, please schedule a consultation with a Jackson trucking accident lawyer at our firm.

What Should I Do After an Accident With a Big Rig?

After a crash with a truck, you will want to check on everyone involved in the accident. If there are immediate injuries, make sure to call 911. Even if you feel fine after the accident, always schedule an examination with a medical provider.

If you can, make sure to document the scene. Take pictures and videos, or write down what happened. Along with that, you will want to get the truck driver’s information, including their insurance information and the name of the trucking company.

While you may want to contact your insurance company, you might want to make your next call to an experienced Jackson truck accident lawyer. In these cases, the attorney will handle all communications about the accident, even to your own insurance company. An attorney can be an available resource during this time.

Why You Need Legal Help for Your Case

Trucking accident cases are very complex, and they often have higher instances of severe injuries, property damages, and even death than compared to other types of incidents. Plus, these cases usually require working with several insurance companies, most of whom don’t want to provide you with your entitled compensation.

For all these reasons, you will want to work with an experienced and skilled attorney for your case. You can count on your Jackson truck accident lawyer and the rest of the legal team will:

  • Determine the cause of the accident: The first step with any personal injury case is determining liability. We’ll analyze the factors that lead to a tractor-trailer collision and hold those responsible parties accountable for their action.
  • Examine evidence: All cases rely on a solid foundation of evidence. Surveillance footage, the vehicle’s black box, witness account, police reports, photographs, and videos will all play a role in your case. And our attorneys will closely examine the evidence to help build a claim in your favor.
  • File all the paperwork on time: Along with that, in the state of Mississippi, there is a specific time limit for filing lawsuits. This statute of limitations is only three years (Mississippi Code § 15-1-49) from the time of the accident. If you don’t start a lawsuit within this period after the truck wreck, you may lose your legal right to pursue compensation. Keep in mind that there are certain exceptions to these rules. But they only apply in specific circumstances. Also, some deadlines are shorter. For example, if you need to file against a governmental entity, then the timeline is one year ( 15-1-49) from the accident.
  • Negotiate on your behalf: We will work diligently to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. We’ll use all the evidence to strengthen your claim. Our attorneys understand the tactics used by the insurance companies. We’ll overcome those obstacles to get a fair settlement on your behalf.
  • Advocate for your rights: No matter whether your case is settled during negotiations or must be resolved in a courtroom, our will be your advocate every step of the way. We will ensure that you understand your options and clearly communicate as we proceed throughout the legal process. We will make sure you are our top priority.

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Accidents involving tractor-trailers can be extremely complex due to the various legal considerations that come into play, such as regulations governing commercial vehicles, the maintenance records of the truck involved, the policies and procedures of the trucking company, and the specific circumstances of the accident. You need a skilled Jackson truck accident lawyer to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries, damages, and other losses.

Our truck accident attorneys will evaluate your case, determine the full extent of your damages, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Remember, you are not alone. We are here to provide you with the guidance, support, and legal advice you deserve during this time. Find out what our law office can offer you. Reach out to our office today for a complimentary consultation with one of our truck accident attorneys.

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