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When a product is on the market, we as consumers expect it to be safe. But sometimes manufacturing companies try to cut costs or expedite the process by getting their products on the markets faster, which means they may not undergo necessary, rigorous testing. In these situations, innocent people can sustain terrible injuries. If this has happened to you, there are options out there. A Jackson product liability lawyer from Pittman, Roberts & Welsh can provide sound legal counsel.

We defend the rights of Mississippi citizens with passion and experience. Our lawyers will do everything possible to get you the compensation you’re owed.

Any Kind of Defective Products Puts People in Danger

Whenever a manufacturing company acts negligently, they can make their product unsafe. The legal concept of product liability applies to these products when they cause harm. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps a regularly updated recall list. Additional recall sources include recalls.gov, which covers many different categories of recalled products.

Unfortunately, people may be hurt before a product is recalled from the market. The following list contains possible kinds of products that could put someone’s health at risk.

  • Auto Parts. Essential safety features like seat belts and airbags can cause serious harm to drivers and passengers when they have a fault. Issues with brakes, steering, or the engine can also put people at risk.
  • Medical Devices. Many people need to use medical devices every day. Surgeons use them to monitor patients, people get implants for joints, and a person’s health could depend on these devices working correctly. Defects could cause adverse health reactions and permanent injuries.
  • Dangerous Drugs. Drugs that cause dangerous side effects, are mislabeled as the wrong drug or dosage, or improperly show how to administer the medicine could put the person’s life at risk.
  • Consumer Products. Defective products in the home may be fire hazards. Any electrical product, from household appliances to children’s toys, could have issues that make the product spark or start a fire. Other products, like electronic cigarettes, for example, may be placed on the market without evaluating the full, long-term risks of the product.
  • Environmental Products. Pesticides and herbicides are often used to keep gardens and lawns safe from bugs and weeds; however, these products could have dangerous toxins that threaten those who use them and the environment. One recent example is repeated exposure to Roundup weed killer.

It’s possible that you were injured by something not included in the list above. If you’ve been injured because of a hazardous product, you can speak with one of our lawyers about your rights.

Possible Injuries from Harmful Products

When a product injures you, your future may include a long recovery period and figuring out how to afford past medical bills. Whether the product caused a car accident or medical issue, you may need extensive care in order to recover. The following are possible injuries that harmful products can cause:

Some of these injuries have the potential to be catastrophic, i.e. injuries that prevent someone from gainfully working, and their injury will most likely affect them for the rest of their life. They may depend on continuing care to maintain a quality of life, and the costs can be high. Our Mississippi lawyers will fight to get you compensation that will help you get the care you need.

We Hold Irresponsible Companies Accountable for Their Actions

When manufacturing companies put people in danger because of their negligence, we can hold them accountable. Your injuries may have made you miss work, caused pain and suffering, and you may have expensive medical bills. We’ll investigate your case to see if any of the following issues happened that led to your injuries:

  • Design Defect. The product could have a flaw or problem that makes the entire group of products dangerous and capable of harming people.
  • Manufacturing Defect. These defects can affect a batch or a single item because of a flaw in the manufacturing process. There could be issues with the materials that caused the product to become defective.
  • Labeling/Instructions Issue. The product’s labeling needs to be accurate, as well. Missing, misleading, or incorrect labels will make a product potentially dangerous, even if nothing is wrong with the product itself. If graphics show how to use a product but are confusing and could lead someone to use it the wrong way, it could be harmful.
  • Failure to Warn. Manufacturers need to warn consumers about ways they could incorrectly use the product and hurt themselves.

Our product liability lawyers in Jackson will investigate your case to find how the hazardous product hurt you and calculate the damages you’ve suffered because of it. We understand how these cases can be incredibly complex and confusing, but we have experience in getting successful results for our clients who have been wrongfully injured. It doesn’t matter if it’s a negligent person or company—we’ll make sure they answer for what they’ve done.

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