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Seasoned legal judgment is one of the most valuable characteristics a law firm can offer to its clients. Knowing what it takes to build a strong case and knowing the courts and the other attorneys you may be working against, allow you to present the most effective case for your client.

At Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, PLLC, we believe that everyone deserves representation that is as effective as possible. We offer representation that is backed by 150 years of combined experience working to serve our clients. During that time, we have built a focus on trying cases. We do not wait for a settlement offer or pass our clients off to other firms. We build strong cases and we fight for our clients.

Our reputation for success is well known in the legal community and throughout Mississippi. That reputation has undoubtedly helped us grow the number of clients we help, including the large number of referrals we receive from other attorneys.

We are dedicated to continuing to provide that same level of skill and personal service to all of our clients. Let us help you pursue the compensation you deserve after a serious accident has left you injured or resulted in the death of a loved one.

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