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Madison, MS Personal Injury Lawyers

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any moment. One moment, you’re walking through a grocery store or stopped at a red light; the next, your life is turned upside down. Many of these accidents can cause serious injuries and financially impact your life.

When someone else is at fault for these incidents, you have the legal option of pursuing a personal injury claim.

At Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, PLLC, we understand how these injuries can impact your life. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist, make sure to schedule a consultation with one of our Madison, MS personal injury lawyers.

What Is Personal Injury?

The National Safety Council reports a few staggering numbers. In 2021, about one in five adults needed to seek medical attention due to injuries from preventable accidents. Often, the direct causes of these incidents stem from the negligence of another person, business, or other entity.

There is often a legal dispute when a person suffers an injury due to an accident. These cases center around how another person or entity was responsible for the incident. If reckless or negligent behavior was the primary cause of a person’s injury, they can be considered liable for any damages.

A personal injury lawsuit helps you recover any financial damages for injuries and other losses from the responsible party.

For the injured party to succeed at these claims, they must prove that the defendant demonstrates negligence or fault. There are several elements to negligence, such as:

  • Duty of care: There must be some type of relationship between the injured party and the defendant (i.e., a doctor-patient relationship).
  • Breach of duty: With that duty established, there was some type of breach, such as a doctor failing to diagnose a patient properly.
  • Causation: The person’s injuries were directly linked to that breach of duty.
  • Damages: In any civil case, there must be damages, which are the financial losses suffered as the result of their injuries.

Proving liability can be a complex process. If you have been injured due to another party’s neglect, you may want to consult with our Madison, MS, personal injury lawyers to learn more about your legal options.

What Situations Can Lead to Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Personal injuries can occur in a variety of situations. At Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, PLLC, we have seen many scenarios in which the injured victim filed a personal injury lawsuit. These cases include:

Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle, truck, and car accidents can result in severe injuries or even fatalities if one of the drivers involved is negligent or reckless. Some examples of negligent driving include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Aggressive driving
  • Speeding
  • Not following traffic rules

Additionally, road conditions may play a role in personal injury cases. Malfunctioning traffic lights, potholes, or inadequate signage can also lead to accidents and injuries. In any vehicle accident, you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver, and for those instances with poor road conditions, the government entity is responsible for maintenance.

Slip and Fall Incidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions. Everything from wet floors to poorly maintained parking lots can lead to accidents. All property owners are responsible for making sure that their space is safe for visitors, whether they own a public business or a private home. If they breach their duty, they can be liable for any injuries that occur on their property. Anyone injured in a slip, trip, or fall can file a legal claim against the property owner or manager.

Medical Malpractice

When a medical provider fails to deliver a standard of care, it may cause injuries to the patient. We expect our health care provider to heal, not harm. These cases can involve everyone from primary care physicians to physical therapists. Medical errors, misdiagnosis, and poor aftercare instructions are just a few examples of negligence. In these situations, the injured patient may be able to file a personal injury claim against the health professionals and the facility responsible for these damages.

Product Defects

Contaminated medications, defective devices, or unsafe vehicles can lead to serious injuries. All manufacturers, distributors, and sellers have a duty to ensure their products are unsafe. If they fail to do that, they can be held responsible for all injuries and damages. Anyone injured by a defective product has the right to file a personal injury case.

Nursing Home Abuse

When care providers and staff members harm long-term care residents, that is nursing home abuse. This mistreatment can take the form of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect. No matter the circumstance, the injured party or their family members can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages from this abuse.

While most of these situations lead to personal injuries, some can lead to untimely deaths. In these scenarios, the surviving family member has the right to file a wrongful death claim. These legal claims can help to compensate for medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of companionship, and even the loss of the potential income of the deceased.

While you can certainly take legal action on your own, some cases are far too complex to do so. Whether you’ve been affected by negligence similar to what’s described above or something else, you may want to consult with our Madison, MS personal injury lawyers. We can help you discover your legal options once we learn a bit more about your case. So, contact us now to discuss it with an attorney. That initial meeting is free.

Should You Take Legal Action?

When you’ve been involved in an unexpected accident or suffered a serious injury, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Dealing with paperwork, insurance adjusters, and mounting medical bills can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you’re already dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of your injury. For those reasons, you will want to file a claim.

One of the benefits of pursuing a personal injury case is that it ensures your rights are protected. When you’ve suffered due to someone else’s negligence, you will want to hold those responsible accountable. Pursuing legal action isn’t just about compensation; it’s about seeking justice and making sure that the responsible party is held accountable for their actions.

Another benefit is that it can help you recover financially. Medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs can add up quickly, leaving you struggling to make ends meet. A successful personal injury case can help you recover these costs and make sure that you’re not left shouldering the financial burden on your own.

Finally, settling a case can provide emotional closure. Your pain and suffering haven’t gone unnoticed, and the responsible party has been held accountable for their actions. This can be an important step toward healing and moving forward.

If you’re considering pursuing a personal injury case, consult with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys in Madison, MS. We are here to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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