Where Do Most Car Accidents in Mississippi Happen?

Published on Mar 20, 2019 at 10:45 am in Car Accidents.

Thousands of accidents happen every year on Mississippi’s roadways. As a result, people are injured, lives are lost, and families are changed forever. From distracted drivers to poorly designed roads, there are a number of reasons why car accidents happen. While drivers generally understand why crashes occur, there’s not as much emphasis put on where they occur. Understanding where wrecks are most likely to happen can help drivers remain vigilant behind the wheel. In Jackson and all over Mississippi, most collisions occur on highways and at intersections.

Dangerous Highways in Mississippi

Highways and interstates provide drivers with a quick and efficient means of travels. In general, drivers don’t have to worry about varying speeds or traffic lights. There are, however, dangers that drivers might not think about – like speeding and erratic merging. The following are the most dangerous highways in Mississippi.

I-10. Interstate 10 is a major east-west highway in the South. It runs for approximately 77 miles through Mississippi, entering from Louisiana after crossing the East Pearl River. The interstate passes through Gulfport and there are a number of exists for other major routes in the state. Most of the accidents on this roadway occur in Jackson County. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, there is an average of 60 fatal crashes and 80 deaths per year.

I-20. This interstate runs across the central region of Mississippi for 154.5 miles, before exiting into Alabama. The roadway through the state tends to be winding and narrow, compared to other states. The highway also features thick vegetation. As a result, the accident risk is high – especially for speeders and tractor-trailers.

I-55. This road, which runs for nearly 300 miles in Mississippi, is heavily traveled. It runs through rural and urban areas and is a common route for commercial vehicles to follow. Structurally deficient bridges and drunk drivers contribute to a significant number of wrecks on this major north-south interstate highway.

I-59. This north-south interstate highway runs parallel to U.S. Route 11. In Mississippi, it’s located in mainly rural areas. Near mile marker 96, there is a sharp S-curve that features one of the lowest speed limits on any road in the Interstate Highway System. Unfortunately, the limit is often ignored and accidents happen.

US-61. This highway, also known as the Blue Highway because it connects places with links to blues music and runs through Mississippi Delta country, sees an average of 12 fatal accidents annually. It extends for 1,400 miles between New Orleans, Louisiana, Wyoming, and Minnesota. Poor road conditions contribute to a number of accidents, which is why the Mississippi Department of Transportation has plans to upgrade the highways and add an additional lane between Vicksburg and Leland.

Mississippi’s Dangerous Intersections

Intersections are inherently dangerous because of the different traffic patterns. When a driver is entirely focused on their direction of travel, they’re less aware of what the other drivers are doing around them. Intersections are also common places for negligent drivers to ignore the rules of the road. The following intersections in Mississippi were deemed the most dangerous in Mississippi based on the State Farm Danger Index.

U.S. Highway 51 and Goodman Road. This four-way intersection in Horn Lake has lanes traveling in all different directions. For those turning right, the yield lanes can become dangerous. It has seen around 200 accidents. The crashes are often attributed to drivers not yielding to the person who has the right-of-way.

U.S. Highway 49 and Creosote Road. With nearly 100 crashes in Gulfport, this intersection is easily congested. With multiple gas stations and hotels, some drivers are more focused on their nearby destination than the road in front of them. Negligent drivers have a habit of running yellow or red lights.

Airways Boulevard and Goodman Road. This busy intersection in Southaven has seen around 85 accidents. Negligent drivers are likely to tailgate and rear-end others at the traffic lights. Speeding can also be an issue.

U.S. Highway 98 and Westover Drive. In Hattiesburg, this intersection, which has seen around 70 wrecks, features many lanes of traffic – some traveling to and from major highways. The number of lanes can become confusing for drivers who are unaware of the area. Needing to quickly change lanes to get to the proper one can result in sideswipe accidents.

U.S. Highway 49 and Community Road. Also in Gulfport, this intersection, with a total of approximately 70 crashes, sees a high number of left-turn accidents. Drunk and drowsy drivers are also an issue.

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