What Happens When Someone Dies in a Car Accident?

Published on Apr 22, 2021 at 9:50 am in Wrongful Death.

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When a family is struggling with losing a loved one in a car accident, they’re likely handling many different difficult matters. Dealing with a tragic loss can be emotionally overwhelming, as well as introduce other struggles with finances. The family may not know that they could have legal options. If they lost their loved one in an accident that was caused because of negligence, they could seek compensation for injuries and damages with a wrongful death lawyer.

Pittman Roberts & Welsh is a personal injury firm in Jackson, Mississippi. We can help you and your family get justice for your loved one. Let’s go over what happens when someone dies in a car accident and what legal action you can take.

Criminal and Civil Actions Following a Fatal Car Accident

While both criminal and civil actions can both ensue after a collision, the wrongful death claim that you and your family would be pursuing would fall under civil. You’d file this claim against the negligent driver, because their reckless actions are what resulted in your loved one’s death.

This type of claim can also be thought of as what your loved one would have done if they had survived the accident. They would have filed a claim and sought compensation for their injuries and damages. A wrongful death claim will do the same for you and your family.

Some may feel unsure about coming forward with a wrongful death claim. However, a claim can provide you and your family with financial security that can help you cover the costs of the accident.

You may be receiving medical bills for the care your loved one received. They could have been in the hospital for some time, undergone procedures, or received other kinds of treatment. Medical costs can be high and put you under financial stress.

There’s also the possibility that you and others depended on your loved one financially. Without that source of income, you may be wondering how you’re going to be able to continue to cover the mortgage or rent, keep up with utilities, and continue to put food on the table.

When you’re grieving for a loved one, these expenses can be a lot to handle on your own. Your wrongful death lawyer in Jackson can seek compensation for you and your family with a wrongful death action.

How Can a Lawyer Help You?

For you to have a valid claim, you’ll need to have evidence that shows the other party acted negligently. They could have been texting and driving, driving while drunk, or ran a red light. Your lawyer will find out how they were negligent and show that their actions caused the accident that cost your loved one their life.

Then, your lawyer will assess the full financial losses. The attorneys at our law firm have years of experience in determining the losses that can arise from fatal car accidents. In addition to medical expenses and loss of income, there are other financial losses that you could have suffered. Property damage, lost wages, and funeral and burial costs can be included in your claim.

There are also losses that reflect what your family will go through now that your loved one is no longer with you. Caring for family, maintaining a household, and loss of companionship are other damages that your lawyer will consider when calculating your compensation.

When you have the compensation you deserve, this can provide some comfort because you’ll be able to cover the costs and grieve for your loved one without worrying about bills that are past due.

Your lawyer can also facilitate communication with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The insurance company may try to offer you a settlement, but this settlement is likely far less than what you deserve. Your lawyer will always advocate for you and your family’s best interests, so you do not have to worry about an insurance company taking advantage of you when you’re grieving.

Another important aspect of having an experienced lawyer at your side is they may find that the other driver isn’t the sole party at fault. If there are other parties that contributed to your loved one’s death, your lawyer will identify them and communicate with their insurance companies as well.

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