What Are the Dangerous Chemicals Found in JUUL Vape Pens?

Published on Feb 13, 2020 at 11:00 am in Product Liability.

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Walking through the streets of Jackson, you’re likely to see people vaping JUUL e-cigarettes, creating large clouds of water vapor that sometimes smell like candy or mint. While walking through the clouds can be annoying, you might think they’re more desirable compared to the stench of traditional cigarettes. Their sweet aromas can be deceiving, though, since they contain chemicals that are just as dangerous as regular cigarettes.

Since vaping is so new, we’re starting to discover the unforeseen harms of vaping products, which can lead to injuries, and in some cases, even death. When a JUUL product or any other e-cigarette injures you in any way, filing a JUUL e-cigarette lawsuit with the help of Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, PLLC will hold the company accountable for their negligence.

What’s in a JUUL Pod?

Most people believe that JUUL pods just contain nicotine and water vapor since they are advertised as a less-harmful option compared to cigarettes, which we’ve known are full of dangerous chemicals, but the truth is that e-cigarettes can be just as harmful. There are no regulations on what can be in an e-cigarette, so we have no way of knowing comprehensively what is in them, but we do know some of the harmful chemicals that you could be inhaling into your body.

One of the dangerous chemicals that can be found in JUUL vape pens is formaldehyde, which is irritating to both the upper respiratory system when inhaled, and the gastrointestinal tract if ingested. Although small amounts occur naturally in the environment, this chemical is a gaseous pollutant used in factories, automobiles, and resins for its preservative properties, and can also be found in traditional cigarettes. Inhalation over time has shown to cause cancer.

Another chemical found in JUUL pods is acrolein. This dangerous chemical is a product of burning anything from wood, to tobacco, or even cooking oils. While mild exposure can cause general irritation, heavy exposure to acrolein, which happens when vaping, can severely injure a person’s lungs. In fact, the CDC sites that the damage to your lungs could be so bad that you can die.

The Office of the U.S. Surgeon General lists other chemicals found in the aerosol that is inhaled when you puff on an e-cigarette, like ultrafine particles, metals, and other compounds. More specifically, the aerosols can contain benzene which is in car exhaust, nickel, tin, and lead. Even the flavorings, otherwise known as diacetyl, can be harmful to your lungs. If these chemicals haven’t turned you away from JUULs, then consider these other factors.

Other Dangers of JUUL Vape Pens

On top of the chemicals that sound dangerous, nicotine can also be included in the list of dangerous chemicals inside an e-cigarette because it’s not harmless. The Surgeon General describes nicotine as harmful because it affects brain development, and that doesn’t stop until 25 years old, so even though it is legal for people over 21 to vape nicotine, it’s still dangerous because it will negatively affect their brain development.

The last ingredient in a JUUL pod that is concerning is the flavoring. Aside from the chemical components of the flavors, they’re also dangerous because they appeal to a younger demographic, creating interest in a younger audience than who is legally allowed to buy e-cigarettes. The various flavors make the youth want to use the products and then needlessly get addicted to nicotine.

We’ve talked about all of the chemicals within the aerosol that is inhaled by someone who JUULs, but we can’t neglect the inherent danger with the design of heating a liquid into an aerosol that close to your face. JUULs can explode, and since its use is close to your face, they can seriously injure you externally.

Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, PLLC Will Stand by You

Companies have a responsibility to accurately warn about the dangers of their products, and when they don’t, their negligence can lead to injuries and potentially death. Whether your injuries from a JUUL vape pen or other e-cigarette are to your external body or internal organs, you could be eligible to file a Jackson JUUL e-cigarette lawsuit to get compensation for your injuries.

At Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, PLLC, our product liability lawyers are prepared to fight on behalf of you, no matter the size of the company. If you’ve been injured by an e-cigarette, get in touch with us today so that we can start working on your claim.

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