Mississippi Law Changes in 2022

Published on Dec 22, 2021 at 9:20 am in Legal Information.

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Every new year brings with it a new round of law and bill changes and additions. 2022 is no different. It’s important for Mississippi residents to stay on top of the new laws and amendments in 2022 to know what to expect and which issues will be the most vital to vote on.

In Mississippi, the voting for the first round of new bills and amendments doesn’t start until January 2022. This is when the first legislative season of the year starts. The season convenes on January 11th, 2022. This means that while we don’t know yet which bills and amendments will pass during the first season, we know what bills are likely to be discussed during legislation, debated, voted upon, and may bring changes.

Below you’ll find a list of just some of the bills that experts are anticipating will see heavy discussion during the January 2022 legislative season. If an agreement cannot be made on these proposals during the first session of the year, a special session may be called at a later date.

Please note: Not all the below bills and amendments may go forward to the voting process in January 2022. This list is simply those that are anticipated to be proposed and discussed. It’s also possible that some of these proposals may not hit legislation until later in the year.

Income Tax

Speaker of the House of Representatives Philip Gunn plans to revisit the idea of eliminating individual income tax in Mississippi in January 2022.

A proposal was first visited in 2021, but Senate leaders including the Lt. Governor said they needed more time to study it. As a result, a committee was created to study the state’s tax structure and a new proposal was made. This proposal, which focused on consolidating incentive offerings to expedite the process of business planning in the state, was then turned down.

Now it’s anticipated that a new proposal will be brought forward early in the year with many similar trademarks of the last.

Equal Pay Reformation

Mississippi is the only state in the U.S. that does not currently have a law requiring businesses to provide equal pay to men and women for doing the same work. Pushes for equal pay have failed in recent years, but Senate Labor Committee Chairman John Hohrn hopes to make another push for equal pay legislation in 2022.

Medical Marijuana

In May 2021, the Mississippi Supreme Court issued a ruling that nullified the initiative which was set to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi. The Supreme Court found that the initiative, which won the popular vote during the 2020 general election, was not listed correctly in the ballot and was therefore missing some of the required congressional signatures.

Hearings were held during the summer to work toward new legislation and fix the process that led to the faulty ballot. It’s now anticipated that this new legislation will take place in 2022.

New Congressional Maps

In November 2021, the Mississippi Joint Legislative Redistricting Committee met to discuss Congressional redistricting. This would redraw the division lines between different voting districts in the state based on voter population, thereby correcting some of the issues on the state’s voting ballot in 2020.

It’s anticipated that the full redistricting plan will be unveiled and proposed during the first legislation session in 2022.

Looking Forward in 2022

January’s first legislation session will undoubtedly bring other amendment and law proposals in addition to those listed above. A new year gives the state new opportunities for change and improvement. A new year similarly gives Mississippi residents new opportunities for change and improvement.

As we look forward to 2022, Pittman Roberts & Welsh, PLLC wishes all our clients, friends, loved ones, and readers a bright and fortuitous new year. If you have any questions about laws that may concern an injury you suffered or a personal injury case, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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