How Long Do You Have to Wait to Claim an Injury After a Car Crash?

Published on Jan 8, 2021 at 10:39 am in Car Accidents.

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Even though roads were created so that people can effectively get from point A to point B, they’re not always as safe as they can be. Although you can be as careful as possible and try to avoid an accident, that doesn’t always keep you from a collision. When that wreck results in an injury for you, then you might be interested in filing a claim against the driver who caused it.

With the help of a Jackson car accident attorney from Pittman Roberts & Welsh, PLLC, you can hold the negligent driver responsible for their actions and get the compensation that you deserve. One of our attorneys will fully investigate the circumstances of your accident and determine how much you’re owed for the injuries and damages you incurred.

Claiming an Injury After a Car Crash

After a motor vehicle wreck, you might find that you have suffered from injuries. However, sometimes shock and adrenaline from the accident can mask your pain and other symptoms, keeping you from realizing that you were injured in the collision. Whether you feel pain and suspect you’re hurt, or if you feel fine directly after the wreck, you should get medical attention immediately so that you can be evaluated and screened for injuries.

In general, the sooner you claim your injuries after a collision with another vehicle, the better. You don’t want to wait after you discover you have suffered from harm or other damages from an accident—you could end up waiting too long and are no longer eligible to file a claim. You might be wondering if you have to wait a certain amount of time before claiming your injury after an accident.

After a collision that injures you, and after being evaluated and diagnosed by a medical professional for those injuries, it’s never too soon to claim those damages. You don’t have to wait to report your injuries from an accident. In fact, when the police arrive on the scene, they could include your suspected injuries in their police report.

If shock is masking your pain and you don’t think you’re injured, though, don’t tell the police that you didn’t suffer injuries because it could harm your claim later. If you immediately report that you’re not hurt, and then later develop pain and other symptoms of injuries, then you could limit your financial recovery because you already stated that you weren’t hurt.

Mississippi Statute of Limitations

While there’s never a time too soon to report your injuries after a car accident, there is the possibility that you wait too long. If you wait longer than Mississippi’s statute of limitations allows, then you could forfeit your chance at having a successful car accident claim and getting the settlement that you deserve. According to the CDC, about 3 million people are injured in car crashes each year. Since these accidents are so common, it’s important to know how long you have to file a claim for your injuries.

In our state, you have up to three years after the date of the accident to file a claim against the negligent driver or party who caused your collision. Additionally, our state follows a traditional fault system, which means that whoever caused the accident is responsible for paying for the other driver’s injuries and damages that they suffered as a result.

In order to know whether or not you’re within the statute of limitations, or if the other driver would legally be considered at-fault for your accident, you should have legal representation on your side. That’s why a car accident lawyer from our firm can greatly benefit you in your car accident claim endeavors.

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