How Dangerous Are Truck Stops?

Published on Feb 27, 2020 at 2:22 pm in Premises Liability, Truck Accidents.

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When truck drivers are on the road, their focus on safety is most likely centered around driving and making sure their vehicle is ready for the road. What they may not expect is to experience issues at truck stops. However, between the stop itself and the other people they may encounter, negligence is always a possibility. Sometimes, negligence can cause injuries. Let’s take a look at how dangerous truck stops can be and what you can do if you’ve been injured at one.

Premises Liability Issues at Truck Stops

The first danger at truck stops we’ll discuss concerns premises liability. This has to do with making sure the area is safe and visitors won’t be hurt by hazards on the property. If there are hazards on the property, those visiting need to have ample warning so they can avoid them and any injuries they could cause. Since truck stops have people from all over stopping to rest or eat, they likely do not know the stop well. When it comes to premises liability at truck stops, truckers should know about the risks and what they can do to protect their rights.

Some truck stops may have poor lighting. Dark areas obstruct a trucker’s vision, meaning they may not be able to see where they’re driving or walking. Someone walking may trip over a pothole or other obstruction in the road.

Unfortunately, dark areas may also put truckers at risk of getting robbed. If the lot is dimly lit and has poor surveillance, truckers could be attacked and have their personal belongings stolen. Losing a license and their money could leave a trucker stranded.

Unsalted or unstable walkways are another issue that could harm truckers. In the winter months, truckers are at risk of slipping and falling when ice is covering the parking lot or sidewalks. Potholes and cracks are other causes of falling that could cause serious injuries. When people fall, they may try to catch themselves. This can lead to broken bones or sprains. If they’re unable to catch themselves, the trucker may hit their head on the ground. They may not realize the extent of their injury. If a trucker is driving with a concussion, they are at an increased risk of causing an accident.

Slips and falls in the store from spilled liquids or leaks could result in injury. When a trucker is injured, the recovery could prevent them from being able to drive. Their injuries affect their livelihood. It’s imperative for truckers to seek representation that will fight for them to recover fair compensation for their injuries. The lawyers at Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, PLLC will stand up for your rights so you can recover without worrying about time missed from work.

Negligent Truck Drivers

Truckers also may be involved in truck stop accidents with other negligent truckers. When parking lots fill up, it can be difficult to maneuver large semi-trucks. If a driver is inexperienced or isn’t careful, they could hit another truck. If the driver is in the cab, they could sustain injuries. Their truck could also be damaged and need repairs before they can get on the road again.

Some truck drivers may speed through the truck stop parking lot. If they’re going too fast through the lot, they may not have enough time to slow down their vehicle or turn away to avoid a collision.

When truck drivers arrive at a stop, they may be exhausted and hungry. Their minds are focused on getting sleep or food. They’re more likely to harm other truck drivers because they’re not prioritizing safety.

If another truck driver is negligent and harms you, first you need to protect your health. Calling emergency services will allow paramedics to assess your injuries and administer care if you need it. Police will also make a report documenting what happened. Sometimes, truck accident claims may be difficult because the parties are from out of state or work for different companies, so getting to the bottom of who was at fault and which insurance laws apply to the case can take some time. The police report could be helpful in the future because it provides a written account of what happened with the parties involved.

Our Lawyers Can Help You Move Forward

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